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When working with Touchwood Joiners staircases can be manufactured and assembled to your exact design, with compliant installation by our certified fitting team.

With years of experience in crafting staircases, we know how important first impressions are. Whilst we manufacture very detailed staircases, we also manufacture simple, straight flight staircases. Up to an attic, or down to a basement, Touchwood Joiners can help you design and choose your perfect staircase in a variety of designs and styles.

A staircase is so much more than a means of getting up and downstairs. Your staircase is often the focal point of your property. At Touchwood Joiners we can help you design and manufacture staircases that need winders and need to fit in a given space whilst complying with building regulations.


We have years of experience is designing and building a variety of bespoke projects.


When starting any project we ensure we use the correct professional machinery and the finest of materials.


When working with Touchwood Joiners you can be rest assured your property will be in the safest of hands.

Experienced, Reliable & Trustworthy

High Quality Results

At Touchwood Joiners we have years of experience in designing and fitting a variety of different staircases, windows, doors and more.

Your Design, Our Experience

When working with Touchwood Joiners we ensure we design and build your project to your exact requirements and likings.


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